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Game Recovery System

GV_fieldGame Vector – Game Recovery System is a revolutionary new product designed to aid the bow hunter in locating mortally wounded game when traditional tracking techniques fail. It consists of a miniature transmitter housed in a small ultra light, aerodynamic, totally balanced module called the HideRider which is easily attached to the arrow. Upon Impact the HideRider transmitter  is released from the arrow and the unit starts to transmit. The hunter, using the compact receiver can find and recover the downed game.


Game Tracking System

  • Aerodynamic design for optimum performance
  • Designed to aid the archery hunter in successful game recovery
  • State of the art Technology provides an ultra light, ultra reliable system
  • Evenly balanced around the arrow shaft
  • Very lightweight at 65 grains
  • Can be reused
  • Battery life of 48-72 hours after the shot
  • Up to two mile range
  • Fits most arrow types & sizes
  • Use with any broadhead or expandable

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HideRider Arrow Flight Evaluation

Click on this link to read an independent study of the HideRider’s impact on arrow flight.